Gerald Gordon Clerx

International Speaker | Author | Client Engagement Expert

About Gerald Gordon Clerx

Success Partner | Engage BRILLIANTLY Training Group

Gerald G. Clerx is the recognized industry thought leader on the topic of client engagement.

He is the architect of the GAP Analysis Client Engagement Model and the author of ‘The ACRE Formula – Overcoming client fears, frustrations and positional impasses’ (link to Amazon). Gerald’s professional mission is to help his clients increase their business success rate by mastering the three core skills of client engagement; Assessment, Presentation and Negotiation.

Although Gerald’s work is conducted predominantly in the real estate sector, the principles of the GAP Analysis Client Engagement model are equally applicable across all sales and service-based industries.

His clients include some of the largest and most successful retailers, landlords, developers and real estate companies on the planet such as The GAP, Cadillac Fairview Corporation, Liberty Property Trust, Lincoln Property Group, Colliers International and RE/MAX International to name a few.

Those employing his training will tell you that the GAP Analysis Client Engagement model not only helped them double their business win rates, but also dramatically improve customer satisfaction scores and client retention.

Although Gerald was born and raised in Vancouver, BC Canada, he currently lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife Shelley, two of his three children and their their three golden retrievers Saidy, Ivy and Bella.

I accelerate the success of real estate agents by providing them with the skills, insights and resources to master the three core skills of client engagement: Assessment, Presentation and Negotiation.

Author of ‘Engage BRILLIANTLY’ and ‘The ACRE Formula
Architect of the Gap Analysis Client Engagement Model
Trainer – Mastering Client Assessments
Trainer – Mastering Client Presentations
Trainer – Mastering Client Negotiations
Success Coach – Perfect Pitch Coaching Program
Keynote Speaker – The Engagement Styles Matrix
Keynote Speaker – The five elements of a WINNING pitch
Keynote Speaker – Resolving client fears, frustrations and positions