What People Are Saying

Being coached by Gerald was a career changing experience. When Gerald said that I would win 80 % of my presentations as a result of the training I was skeptical. My ratio is even higher since spending a week with him.

Jeffrey O.
Real Estate Agent / New York, NY

I have had the privilege to not only take part in the Bridging the GAP training but also be able to witness the impact of Gerald’s work over all employees of my company who continue to benefit from this concept daily. It is one of the most influential programs I have ever experienced in my industry.

Iglika Y.
RE Office Manager / Sofia, Bulgaria

Our office has a very high success rate when the ‘Bridging the Gap’ presentation format is used. Prior to using this presentation format our success rate was 4 out of 10 presentations won … now it is 9 out of 10.

James Y.
Office Manager / Adelaide, Australia

Since participating in this program I have a 85% business win rate. My competitor called me up in complete frustration, and asked me what I was doing to win all this business. I told her it was my secret! Thank you Gerald!”

Monika R.
Real Estate Agent / Warsaw, Poland

I am pleased to say that after a year or so of refining the GAP Analysis sales model, I have more than doubled my revenue. The feedback from my clients has been exceptional.

Lachlan M.
Real Estate Agent / Sydney, Australia

My sales team now uses the Gap Analysis Sales Model© in all our sales presentations. I am pleased to tell you that we have won virtually every piece of business we have gone after since the training. One of my biggest competitors recently contacted me in complete frustration and asked, “What are you doing to win all this business?” I told her, “IT IS MY SECRET!

Monika R.
Sales Manager

Prior to your training our office pitch conversion rate was 4 out of 10. Since putting the Gap Analysis Sales Model © into practice our success rate has jumped to a 90% conversion.

James Y.
Sales Manager

When it comes to training in sales and negotiation, there is simply no one better than Gerald Clerx. Gerald has trained my brokers on several occasions both here in the USA and abroad and the results are profound and measurable. In addition to the skills transfer in his courses, they are high energy, interactive, and above all…fun. It is with pleasure that I recommend Gerald to any organization looking to improve the skills of their people.

David P.
Sales Manager

My best annual revenue figure to date was $650,000. Last year I set a goal of becoming the highest income producer in my market. One of the key strategies was to employ the skill sets learned from your BRIDGING the GAP sales training. A year on, I am delighted to let you know that, using many of your techniques, the revenue figure against my name was $3.1 million.

Roger K.
Sales Professional

The Gap Analysis Sales Model has boosted my business enormously. It has given me superior confidence in my presentation skills. Following my most recent training with you we had a pitch to a major institution. Putting this training into place, we were an absolute stand out amongst our competitors, which resulted in a golden win. The fee on this job will be over $400,000.00.

Michael C.
Sales Professional
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