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Sales Professionals

There are only Five reasons why your sales presentation fails to elicit a favorable buying decision from a qualified prospect of your product (or service) offering!

THE GAP (problem):

Most sales professionals are unaware of the FIVE CRITICAL MISTAKES that consistently lose them business from qualified prospects who otherwise would have bought.

These mistakes include:

  1. FAILURE to fully comprehend your client’s problem (gap)
  2. FAILURE to communicate a viable solution (bridge) to your client’s problem
  3. FAILURE to align with your client’s logical and emotional decision making needs
  4. FAILURE to differentiate your product (or service) offering from competitive offerings
  5. FAILURE to overcome your client’s fears, frustrations and positional differences

When you ELIMINATE these five critical failures you dramatically
INCREASE your business win rate!

In this information packed webcast series you will learn:

  • A three-step client interview process that accurately and professionally uncovers your client’s product or service gap
  • An information sequencing strategy that convinces logically and inspires emotionally
  • How to design and deliver a sales presentation in a way that aligns with your client’s unique decision-making needs
  • How to effectively differentiate your product (or service) offering in a way that supports your client’s desired reality outcome
  • How to recognize and respond to the three conditions that decelerate the forward momentum of any client transaction

Sales professionals tell us that when they apply the skills and insights from the BRIDGING the GAP Training Series … they win 80% – 90% of the business they pitch for … even in competitive business environments.

Comments from fellow real estate sales professionals…

My best annual revenue figure to date was $650,000. Last year I set a goal of becoming the highest income producer in my market. One of the key strategies was to employ the skill sets learned from your BRIDGING the GAP sales training. A year on, I am delighted to let you know that, using many of your techniques, the revenue figure against my name was $3.1 million.

Roger K.
Sales Professional

The Gap Analysis Sales Model has boosted my business enormously. It has given me superior confidence in my presentation skills. Following my most recent training with you we had a pitch to a major institution. Putting this training into place, we were an absolute stand out amongst our competitors, which resulted in a golden win. The fee on this job will be over $400,000.00.

Michael C.
Sales Professional

I can say that learning the Gap Analysis Sales Model © was a turning point in my career. I would estimate the training has increased my presentation success rate from under 50% to 80 – 90%. The subsequent additional revenue over a 5 year period would be in the hundreds of thousands.

Nick R.
Sales Professional